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Turbo edits

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Whether you're making gaming content, Vlogs, memes, commentary, social/political, or news coverage. I can jump right in and take that stress away. Let me do the dirty video editing work, while you focus on having fun.


Jump cuts, zooming/panning, adding memes, censoring curse words, correcting audio. Whatever you need, I can help you with your YouTube video editing requirements

Video Editing Service







Whether it's basic editing, zooms, jump cuts, Adding in memes, censoring curse words or giving you the 'podcaster' voice, I can take it off your hands and have it done and dusted within hours. Clients love working with me, many of them returning as repeat customers. Get in touch to let us know what we can do for you today.


Video Editing Timeline
Editing & Post Production
  • Remove deadspace

  • Jump cuts

  • Panning / Zooming

  • Censoring curse words

  • Transitions

  • Pictures and graphics

  • Text and subtitles

Turn Table
Sound Engineering
  • Remove background noise

  • De-essing (remove sharp S sounds)

  • Equalizing 

  • Podcaster voice

  • Compressing

Color Correction
Color Correction 
  • Bringing out colors

  • Add life

  • Adding memes where appropriate

  • Zooms/Panning in meme style

  • Meme sound effects



Turbo Edits

Fast, efficient, and honest, TurboEdits has become a reputable and well-known Video Editing Service. YouTube and meme culture is at the heart of my editing, managing projects with the skill and experience my clients have come to expect. I want customers to be satisfied with my work, which is why I provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each project.